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Et’ Tu Art!

Art ! The word is enough for us to believe it is nothing less than magic.
I feel it is safe to say it is an extension of a person’s emotions splashed on a canvas.
The symphony of the colors and their depiction can be ( and is ) a study in itself.
What is baffling to me is the preconceived notions we have about art and art lovers!!
I know, my readers, you agree with me when I say this.
Art to you is a huge painting in an empty white room with wine and cheese as appetizers and a bunch of people in boring specs staring into space.
“Bubble Bursts”.


Art is so much more than fancy people enjoying a brunch on Sunday!

Such cliques, even though they still exist in our society, our toxic for a creative mind!
One such clique bursting attempt is this awesome website- Artvault!
First when I came across the concept, I was a little taken aback. My mind had one question for me- “Can we sell this online too”?
The Dot com world has truly taken a revolutionary turn with such start ups kick staring the imagination and taking the business side to the creative side!
When I say Art, I mean so much more than just paintings. It’s the works! Handicrafts, painting, photographs and regional handcrafted products.
The true spirit of expression on a canvas is lost somewhere. We call ourselves a democracy however, we find every spirited move, a hate crime.
Artists have lost that freedom of expression in these progressive times!
Websites like Artvault are here, with the soul purpose of not only helping them sell but evolve at a macro level.
The importance and significance of Regional art is something we all need to be reminded of. Our ever so rooted heritage sings of how we are diverse and yet so united.
Artvault helps us remember just that! Beautiful exquisite paintings from all over the country and what’s best is it comes with a backstory.
Have you ever looked at a painting and thought to your self- “ This is absolutely Gorgeous”, I wonder what the painter must be thinking while brushing on this canvas so beautifully?”.
At Artvault, one can read the exact emotion behind every art work and what it meant to the painter/artist.


While we would all love to go to Fancy Art exhibitions, sip the elegant wine, laugh the sophisticated laughs and eat the old cheese, would you rather not sit at the comfort of your home and do all of that?
Let’s face it. As fancy as we want our lives to be, convenience takes the Shot gun spot in practically all our decisions! Agree? Yes, I thought so!
The convenience of meeting an artist through his Art ,all the way from Jaisalmer or Kashmir is beyond compare.
Safe to say, websites like Art vault are truly revamping the traditional lookout on businesses.


Serving the Artist’s life’s work on a silver platter, Artvault helps you explore hundreds of thousands of paintings at the click of your button!
As a growing online community, it offers so an amazing platform for the Artisits to express themselves and sell their Art to the masses!
A truly exemplary attempt at taking the Local business to a Global forum!
So, what are you waiting for? Art Away!

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