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Kusum Bhandari

Kusum Bhandari

Art can be taught but the artistic instinct is inborn.

A self-taught artist, I have spent close to 15 years in advertising.  In 2011, I decided to pursue my creative ambition and try my hand in painting while working as a freelance creative consultant. In 2014, I turned my passion into my profession and began painting full-time.

“My art is my imaginative reality. I use colours to express emotions and brush strokes to recount life experiences. My paintings are a reflection of the way I see people, relationships and society. For a painter, daily life is expressed in the brilliant hues of art. My paintings are a vivid observation of things around me, a colourful embodiment of emotions within me and a creative expression of the mundane. I hold on to an emotion or a concept and layer it with a bit of imagination to express it on my canvas. I like to experiment with different styles, techniques and materials in each piece of art that I create.”

I don’t have any ‘patented style’ as I tend to get bored of one style. Instead of a series of similar themed paintings, I like to create diptychs, triptychs and one-off paintings. While most of my paintings explore the theme of relationships, each of my work is distinctive in style.  My abstract work is purely experimental and my colour palette is vibrant.

I have been experimental since childhood. Be it cooking, painting or designing my own clothes, I have always liked to do something different and this distinctiveness is a pivotal feature of my work.

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