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Nayna Shriyan

Nayna Shriyan

Hello and welcome my medium is my inspiration. To begin with let me give you just a tiny background on where I come from I am a metal artist from the Sir J.J. School of Art and all that means is I work with metal instead of colours and canvases. When I first graduated I went the usual route and worked in creating custom murals for homes and offices till I realized one day that creating the same kind of work in miniature actually gave me a larger scope to experiment with all the fascinating techniques of metal work. With this in mind Nayna Studios jewellery was born.

Jewellery to me is not just about design but also about texture, colour, and the wow factor. Yes I know jewellery is meant to get you attention but I think jewellery should also be about being a conversation starter and that is what my designs are all about. Combining age old techniques such as patina (yes I know seems like a strange term but you all know patina – no seriously you do! Remember how all your copper and brass items at home start going a little green if kept exposed to the atmosphere for long, well that is patina.  But patina is not just about a little green here and there I recreate patina in my studio in various colours such as a bright blue, bright green, deep red and a classic black. Then there is enamelling which most of you know as ‘Meenakari’. Enamelling or meenakari need not just be the traditional green and red or pink and green combinations of colours that are mostly seen on traditional Kadaas and necklaces. I use these fascinating glass colours in all their hues, blues, yellows, pinks, greens, and purples, blacks, gold and even grey! The best part about these colours they never fade and they never change. By now you probably have guessed it that apart from metal I also love colour in all its different forms, and this is why I also tend to use a lot of coloured stones in my work particularly coloured agates that have been cut in the most unusual shapes, finding the most unusual and unique ways to set the stones thus making them an integral part of my design.

My favourite metal to work with is copper and I also use some brass from time to time in keeping with my design inspirations.  With a lot of innovations and different lines including one is fine silver lined up I hope you all join me in the excitement.

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