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Pri Ya



  • Freelance Artist, Painter, Writer, Lyricist, Singer and Composer.


  • Bachelors In Science
  • Diploma in Multimedia Art & Design
  • Diploma in Interior Design


  • Have participated in vishwakala group show held in sangli, in 2009-10
  • Participated in group show held at Kolhapur, maharashtra in 2011
  • Participated in group show held in Agartalanewbud, anartshow by new contemporary artists of India.
  • Participated in group show :Metropolis " held in Guwahati 2012-13
  • Participated in various online art competitions and galleries and have won a few.
  • Participated I a group artshow Divine Bliss at coomerasawmigallery,Prince of wales museum Mumbai, Aug 2014
  • Participated in a group show INSPIRATIONAL Diversity at coomeraswamy gallery Mumbai Nov 3rd to Nov 6th 2014
  • Participated in a group show ART AS INVESTMENT -2 at Tamkanat Gallery, Hyderabad from 2nd Nov 14 to 25th Nov 2014                      
  • Participated in International Artfair held at Indira Gandhi national centre for arts held on dec 11th -15th 2014
  • Participated in Group art show Miracle, at Kohinoor art gallery, mumbai in sept 2015
  • Participated in group Art show Flashes of perception hosted by Neeta Chandra oct 2015, at RavindraNatyaMandir, Mumbai
  • Participated In India Art Festival 2015, held in November at Nehru Centre, Mumbai.

About Me:

Art is my love and passion.I am a self-taught artist inspired by nature and Behavior.For me art is an expression of thesoul. I am fascinated with the colors and deeper meaning of life.My paintings reflect my thoughts and imaginations and various patterns which influence me in the contemporary times and I am greatly inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci and Picasso. I am keen on writing poetry /lyrics and have composed few English songs with my Greek musician friends.

Working Style and Medium: Abstracts, SemiAbstracts, New Age Art

Technique: My artworks generally reflect the impressions of my mind. I paint by using impasto technique, oils, Acrylics and mixed media

About my abstractsArtworks:

Based on Sacred Geometry and Geometrical representation of life forms.

I am keen upon understanding the consciousstate of human mind and my works reflect the healing art sas well the abstract form of my imagination.I basically deal with geometrical representation and colorful impact on our minds.I have also depicted the concept of the healing art using sacred geometry with colors of universe as a cosmos generated pattern and unity and thereby the beauty behind it.

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