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Artist:Aatmica Ojha
Medium:Mixed Media on Paper
Size:13in Width X 19in Height.
Quality:Museum Quality – 100% Hand painted
Artist Sign and Certificate:Yes

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can proudly say that I was very fortunate to get a wonderful school life . The time I can never forget ! My growing up years…The idea of getting ready for school, the excitement of meeting friends, the anxiousness of finishing home work last minute, the eagerness of games period….Well, that reminds me of an incident, that I’d like to share with all of you…
It was morning, but there was no light. Instead the sky was covered with black clouds, along with loud thundering and torrential rain ! I was watching the dark sky when I heard the phone bell rang .. it was my best friend calling..she wanted to know if I was planning to attend school , to which I replied , ‘yes’ ! I couldn’t afford to miss seeing her..I was a little late when I saw her waiting for me outside the classroom..Since very few students had come, we were taken to play basketball. What more can one ask for , when you get to enjoy your favourite sport with your classmates on a lovely rainy day !
When we came back, we saw Principal ma’am in front of us. She asked three of us to step forward, listed names in a chit and left ! leaving us all puzzled !
Next day in the assembly hall, she called few of those students on stage .. We saw a fancy golden tray carrying colorful badges. Our hearts sank ! Badges? But when did the selection happen? Yesterday? No, it can’t be yesterday, hardly anyone came yesterday ! Our minds were trying hard to solve the mystery when her sweet voice interrupted – “Yesterday was a great day to test all of your sincerity levels.” Smiling, she went on to give away the badges..
Today when I look back I think, I wish I had a time machine to re-live my childhood.. Sadly, that’s not possible ! But there’s always an alternate. I started expressing my feelings on a piece of paper.. They say , when you are heavy at heart , express ! Makes one feel better..It surely did..

Dimensions13 × 19 in
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