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Artist:Sandeep Rawal
Medium:Acrylic on canvas
Size:32in Width X 42in Height.
Quality:Museum Quality – 100% Hand painted
Artist Sign and Certificate:Yes

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The destroyer. At the same time, Lord Rudra was also praised as the most compassionate one, a great healer and the Lord of medicinal herbs and cattle (Pashupati).a skilled magician who can kill his targets from far, the one with matted locks of hair, clothed in animal skin, the most valorous archer, the best hunter ever and the merciless slayer of enemies.Rudra as the one who can bless the devotees with all kinds of tangible results when prayed intensely with devotion.

When we have enough reasons to believe that Shiva and Rudra are the same, here are two reasons why Shiva is called as Rudra. The term Rudra is derived from the root word ‘Ru’ meaning worry or trouble. The other half ‘dra’ is derived from the term ‘Dravayati’ meaning to drive away. The expression “Rur Dravayathi iti Rudhra” therefore means Rudra is the one who dispels the troubles and worries.

Dimensions32 × 42 in
Paintings- Category

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