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Raj Maji


Date of Birth:  17th November 1983


I am an artist to experience the joy and blissfulness of beauty in every element and share that to the entire world. I can’t give a proper definition of art for its vastness and freeness but art is a catharsis for human mind. I always try to keep myself alive in my world and try to let people have at least a little bliss experiencing the artworks, may be for a fraction of second.

I tried to express my emotions towards life and truth through my paintings and experimented to depict it through the language of art. I observe everything around me and try to portray what appeals me with loosely used brushstrokes. I love to use watercolor, oil and acrylic but sometimes work with pigments and other materials.

Some of my works basically deal with Indian aesthetics which is evident from the economy of lines used and simplicity of expression. Sometime the paintings display a subtle understanding of spiritualism and offer a bridge between realism and abstraction (rational and irrational world / tangible and the intangible world). I emphasize on Indian principles making extensive use of Indian motifs. What I try to express is ‘Navarasa’, the nine expressions.


  • BFA from DMS Lalithakala Mahasamsthana, Mysore.
  • 3 Years Certification in Fine Arts from Bhartiya Nandanik Parishad.
  • Diploma in Digital Art from ZEE Institute of Creative Art.


  • 2016 Successfully attended Art Camp in Aralam Rain Forest, Kerala conducted by Pintorus Group.
  • 2015 The painting “The Absolute Moment I” was been exhibited by ‘All India Fine Art and Craft Society’ for national exhibition Delhi.
  • 2015 Duo Art Show “Abhyantara” in Atelier Art and Cultural Centre, Pondicherry, India.
  • 2015 Art show “The Golden Cage” in Lalitkala Academy, New Delhi, India.
  • 2015 Group Show “Ripples of Integration” in Lalitkala Academy of Fine Art in Kerala, India.
  • 2013 Group Show “The Green Window” in Birla Academy of Fine Art, Kolkata.
  • 2013 Watercolor painting “The Sacred Old” was been featured in ‘Art Family’ Magazine, a magazine about art and culture July edition.
  • 2000    Was been awarded Bronze medal for painting from Bhartiya Nandanic Parishad in 2000.


  • Working as a mentor in Inurture Educational Institute.
  • Worked in Zee Institute of Creative Art as a faculty (July, 2007 to Sept, 2015).
  • Worked in Karma Academy as a faculty (June, 2006 to June, 2007).
  • Worked for illustrations project for a children mobile app (September2014-July 2015).
  • Design a Standee for Legoland in California (August 2014).
  • Illustrate books for children:
  1. “Tiger Chicken” For Jeffrey Rogers, South Korea (Apr-May2014).
  2. “No not the sesor” Zehavit, Israel (Aug-Sep2013).
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