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Raju Dyapur


Based in Bangalore, India, I'm largely a self-taught artist, though I studied computer science twenty years ago. From my childhood, apart from school studies my other interests were drawing and painting.

I explored photography while I was in the university, so it's been a joy to rediscover paint in the years since graduation. I have been a full-time artist for over 3 years and enjoying every moment of it. I am completely captivated by nature, seasons, colors and absorbed by landscapes and cityscapes. Because I have lived and worked in many countries, most of my paintings depict the colorful and mesmerizing landscapes. Whether just for my own enjoyment or for private commission, I love to use my brush and paints to creatively capture a likeness. I like to make marks with my paint, rather than try for a photographic smoothness, but regardless, the end result should be an accurate observation, created with painterly expressive marks. Essentially, I paint what attracts my attention. The objects that attract my eye are painted in greater detail. The peripheral landscape is then described with more gestural mark making, often just capturing movement and light. And, with my new work, objects that don’t interest me are just painted out. From time to time I vary my subject matter with a portrait or some equestrian art, but nature remains my true obsession.


  • M.Sc. Information Systems Engineering, Cardiff University, UK, 2004
  • B.Eng. Computer Science, Bangalore, Bangalore University, India, 1995
  • Certificate courses and workshops for classical Drawing and Painting


  • VAG Art Marathon – May 2016 – Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore – Group exhibition Community Library – Solo Exhibition – Apr 2016 Science and Art Exhibition – Nov 2015 – Bangalore Blaze School – Solo exhibition Bengaluru Art Festival – Nov 2015 – Rangoli Metro Art Centre, Bengaluru – Group exhibition Art show 2015 - May-June 2015 – Vinnyasa Premier Art Gallery, Chennai – Group exhibition
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