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Artist:Anni Kumari
Medium:Acrylic on Canvas
Size:24in Width X 24in Height.
Quality:Museum Quality – 100% Hand painted
Artist Sign and Certificate:Yes

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My current practice draws inspiration from geography, mathematics and gender. I am interested in exploring the relation and interface between materials, places, journeys and people. I have always been inspired by geometry, movement, design and the principles of mathematics that ultimately govern them.

I grew up at Tatanagar, an industrial town in the Chottanagpur plateau of Jharkhand. It is the smoky, dusty and soot filled environment of this city that has fuelled my imagination. Mendeleev’s periodic table and the study of iron ores, coal, gold, mica and copper found in abundance in the region attracted me greatly. Observing the dust suspension of scrap iron, dumped day and night, glowing the night sky, made me wonder about abundance, infiniteness and incalculability. Later, I could relate these images with the wave-particle duality of Quantum Mechanics, whereby materials behave both as particles and wave simultaneously.

Dimensions24 × 24 in
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